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Holy headaches, Batman

I don't have time to keep a journal. It requires too much thought organization, and then you gots to throw all those commas in there, and check for dangling modifiers.... It's a pain. But I can give you the uncut, director's edit. 

Yay, almost done with this semester, why is it taking so long, COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE, hey I want chocolate, ugh I hate tax, I LOVE tax, wedding stuff, why is school in the way when i want to do weeeeedding stuff, i love coffee, i would die without coffee, red no blue, well, red, but a burgundyish red, not crayon red, almost purpley, no wedding stuff for me until I get done studying, hey I get to move next year and I need to clean and get rid of stuff i can't fit in my car, my car, i need to clean it, no cant clean must study, but i already started, hey i get to move, coffeecoffeecoffee, I'm getting married, ack need to think about flowers, holy cow i need to change my name address and credit cards, no study auditing look that up later, cake, programs, invitation, blue carpet, i have edmund boots,  i think i need a haircut, what about my shoes, i have too much stuff and i need to pack, almost through the semester, thanksgiving, christmas, my birthday hey I'm almost 21, rats im sick, presentation, tax research, insaaaaanity, music, rings, caterers, eeks, I'm getting married!!

P.S. ^that is why it never helped me to 'free write' when writing a paper. I could do this all day.

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